On-line Help
Simon Instructions
To begin, press the blinking "play" button at the top left portion of the game screen. A message will come up in the green box to the right of the play button reading Watch Carefully.

The fish in the middle will then animate in a pattern. When they finish, the green box will say Your Turn.

Use your mouse and click on the fish in the same pattern to which they animated. If correct, a Hooray! will appear in the green box, and a trimphant noise will sound.

If incorrect, a message will appear saying Try Again, a noise will sound, and one of the hooks at the right side of your screen will turn red.

If either correct or incorrect, press the play button again to continue the game. When all three hooks are red, the game is over.

To increase the speed of the fishes animation, press the "Playback Speed" buttons at the top of your screen. Highlighting the buttons further to the right will result in greater speed.

Note: A "shockwave" plugin is required. You may find this plugin at Macromedia